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aft deck of a ship

  • anatomy of the ship — a pirate's glossary of termsGet Price!

    “binnacle”). a box on the deck of a ship holding the ship's compass. it is the third mast or the mast aft of a mainmast on a ship having three or more masts.

  • 10 types of decks every seafarer should know - marine insightGet Price!

    oct 9, 2017 a normal ship consists of different types of decks for different purposes. technically, it is the deck that forms the roof of a cabin built in the aft

  • the guide to boat parts and terminology worldwide boatGet Price!

    cabin: the cabin is the part of the boat below deck where people can sleep or spend time. when a person is moving toward the stern, they are moving aft.

  • nautical know how - glossary of nautical terms - boat safeGet Price!

    aft - toward the stern of the boat. aground aloft - above the deck of the boat. cockpit - an opening in the deck from which the boat is handled.

  • cruise ship directions: forward, aft, bow, stern, port and starboard Get Price!

    oct 2, 2017 port: port refers to the left side of the ship, when facing forward. starboard: starboard aft: aft on a ship means toward the direction of the stern. port: port refers to . 7 ways to outsmart deck chair hogs · in the wee hours of

  • ship parts - pirate life - the way of the piratesGet Price!

    mast – a large pole (spar) resin above the deck of a ship and supports sails and fore-and-aft sail – a triangular sail set behind mast, attached to a gaff and

  • how to choose the best cabin on a cruise ship - tripsavvyGet Price!

    jun 26, 2019 when looking at cruise ship layouts and decks either online or in brochures, . or restaurants can look down on the balconies of the aft cabins.

  • top 5 worst and top 5 best cabin locations - cruise deck plansGet Price!

    aug 2, 2012 when norwegian moved the spinnaker lounge on a couple of their ships to the aft on deck 7, the staterooms above on deck 8 (that use to be

  • ship terms and definitionsGet Price!

    after body---- hull form aft of the midship section. through the ship's, or deck house, for light or the ocean bottom and is fastened to the ship by a chain.

  • how to choose the best stateroom for your cruise - forbesGet Price!

    apr 4, 2016 the more important of these include deck level, whether your stateroom is forward, aft, or mid-ship, proximity to dining areas, fitness center,

  • the best levels on which to sleep on cruise decks usa todayGet Price!

    mar 21, 2018 on large ships, these rooms can be found on a few decks. due to the curve of the ship, aft cabins often have larger balconies, but provide less

  • illustrated glossary of ship and boat terms - oxford handbooksGet Price!

    a reinforcement or platform, fitted on the side or deck of a vessel, on which an . fore-and-aft deck timbers set between the deck beams to stiffen them and

  • titanic facts: the layout of the ship - dummiesGet Price!

    the table shows what was located fore, amidships, and aft on each deck: in the table, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and crew indicate what parts of the ship were accessible to

  • 2 - nautical dictionary, glossary and terms directory: search resultsGet Price!

    definition: 1) without power, oar or sail to provide control to the ship. (rr) under definition: near the stern of a ship. as in: “stand watch on the aft deck.â€

  • naval terminology - militaryGet Price!

    above; above the flight deck. aft: toward the stern deck: 1. shipboard floor, horizontal plating which divides a ship into layers. 2. shipboard floors from main

  • the parts of a ship - national park serviceGet Price!

    fore and aft – from the bow to the stern. fore is towards the front, aft is towards the back. hull – the main body of the boat. friendship's hull has two decks.

  • boats for beginners - navy shipsGet Price!

    jun 7, 2000 the floors of a ship are called decks, the walls are called bulkheads, and the .. when a ship is properly balanced fore and aft, she is in trim.

  • beginner's guide to boat terminology - boats.comGet Price!

    aug 21, 2018 bulkhead: typically a transverse structural component in a boat that often supports a deck. “the aft bulkhead separates the main saloon from

  • why do ships use 'port' and 'starboard' instead of 'left' and 'right?'Get Price!

    port and starboard refer to fixed locations on a vessel.

  • vessels and terminology new bedford whaling museumGet Price!

    aug 3, 2016 aft: at, near, or toward the stern (rear) of a vessel; opposite of forward. or rectangular cabin built on deck near the middle of a whaleship.

  • 15 common boating terms you should know - waves boat clubGet Price!

    may 16, 2013 moving from a lower deck of a boat to an upper deck. tags: aft amidships boat definitions boat terms boating terms bow going below leeward

  • afterdeck - wikipediaGet Price!

    in naval architecture an afterdeck or after deck, or sometimes the aftdeck, aft deck or a-deck, is the open deck area toward the stern or aft back part of a ship or

  • 9 pros & cons of an aft balcony cabin - cruise radioGet Price!

    jun 28, 2018 it's pretty easy to do a little bit of poking around the internet to find details about which decks offer the biggest aft-facing balconies on most ships,